Orientation Notes

General Principles

Mahapajapati Monastery is a meditation monastery for women dedicated to living the Buddha's teachings. As a monastic and contemplative community, we value both solitude and social harmony. We're happy to have you here to share in our simple, quiet life of practice and study. By observing the guidelines outlined in these orientation materials and doing your best to fit into the monastic culture and routine during your visit, we trust that your stay will help you to cultivate greater peace and wisdom in your mind.

When visiting Mahapajapati Monastery, whether for a few days or a few weeks, it's good to remember that this place is unique. We may not do things in the same way that things are done at other monasteries or retreat centers you have stayed in, and we may not do things the way that you would do them if it were up to you. It is good to have a cheerful and flexible attitude about these differences, to take direction from the residents, and to focus your mental energy on your meditation and study. Here you have the precious gifts of the time, space, and silence for practice, and an excellent library for your use. Use them well, and your visit will be most beneficial for you and all those whose lives you touch.

We expect your first visit is minimum 3 days and maximum one week, except visitors out of state or from foreign countries should stay with us for at least 10 days. Your extension of staying or the length of your second/ third visit will be considered by the Abbess.

What to Bring
The Eight Precepts
Work Practice
Speaking and Silence
The Shrine Room
Library and Office
The Kitchen
Conservation of Resources
Dana: The practice of generosity

Final Note

We hope you have a wonderful stay here and that your visit brings you many blessings on the path. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there's anything we can do to help you make the most of this time of retreat and immersion into monastic life.