Mahapajapati Monastery is a meditation monastery for women dedicated to living the Buddha's teachings. We are a monastic and contemplative community in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and as such, we value both solitude and social harmony. We invite you to share in our simple, quiet life of practice and study.

The monastery is in Pioneertown, California, on eighty acres of high desert in the southern part of the state. Founded in 2007 by Therese Duchesne, Mahapajapati Monastery was under the guidance of Ayya Gunasari as abbess and spiritual director until 2020. Currently, Ayya Kosalla serves as abbess and Ayya Gunasari remains spiritual director.

The monastery's primary purpose is to give women the opportunity to ordain as bhikkhunis—fully ordained Buddhist nuns—and to practice in accordance with the Dhamma and the rules of monastic discipline taught by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago. We believe that by living and practicing in this way, we can be of the greatest benefit to ourselves and to society as a whole by improving our own hearts and minds and helping others to do the same.

Both men and women are welcomed as guests at the monastery for events and day visits, and women may come for overnight stays to study and practice with the resident community.

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Kathina on Zoom @ 1pm on 23rd Oct, Saturday

ID: 592 269 4381 Password : nXp444

Mahapajapati has been the ancient tradition of observing the Rains Retreat (“Vassa” in Pali) from July 25 to October 21, 2021, if an official Kathina sponsor makes the necessary offer of the four requisites during that time.

In the Buddha’s time, monks and nuns who would usually travel around for alms during the dry season found it difficult to do during the rainy / monsoon season. So, the tradition of staying in one place to meditate for the Rains Retreat (the three-month rainy season) was born.  This was made possible because lay disciples would devotedly offer the monks and nuns the necessary four (4) requisites during that three-month period and a Kathina robe at the end of the Rains Retreat.  

If you would like to sponsor Vassa and the Katrina robe for Mahapajapati this year, please email us at info@Mahapajapati.org.

Vasa - Raining Retreat from July 25 - Oct 21

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Mahapajapati is offering a weekly Dhamma Letter every Tuesday. We hope you will find your inner happiness through the Dhamma Letters and online Zoom meditations while practicing at home.

A special meditation course of guided meditations, Q&As and Dhamma talks will be offered on Zoom by Ayya Kosalla during this year’s Vasa on Sundays between September 26 and October 24, 2021. Please register in advance if possible by emailing us at info@mahapajapati.org.

Ayya Kosalla’s Meeting ID: 592 269 4381

Password : nXp444

If you cannot enter Ayya Kosalla’s Zoom Room by 9:03am due to internet or power outages, the Zoom meditation will continue with Kari Houangvilay as co-host.

Kari’s Zoom Meeting ID: 280 502 8885

Password: 99999

We look forward to the improvement of the pandemic situation so that we can meet all of you face-to-face some day soon.

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May all beings be well and happy!

With Metta,

Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha

If you would like make a meal offering, lunch dana to the Mahapajapati Bhikkhuni Sangha, in person or in the form of a payment, please contact us to schedule.